Keynote Speaker

Robert DeCandido

Since 1999, Dr. Robert DeCandido has made many research trips to Asia, primarily to study bird migration, particularly raptor migration. In autumn 1999 with Deborah Allen, I first visited the Himalayan Mountains in Nepal to watch the east to west migration of Steppe Eagles and several vulture species traveling from Mongolia and China and heading toward Saudi Arabia and Africa. When a civil war erupted in Nepal in 2000, I was not able to return until 2011 – when my research resumed – and continues to this day. In the meanwhile, in spring 2000-01 we studied the spring migration of birds returning to the Asian mainland (Malaysia) from Sumatra. In 2003, I spent much of the year in Eilat, Israel where I helped band 10,000 or so birds, and watched the raptor migration there. In autumn 2003, I helped discover a bird migration site of global significance in Thailand. For more than a decade, I studied the southbound migration of 25+ raptor species (and 500,000+ migrants), along with bee-eaters, Pacific Swifts and others. In winter/spring 2005, I spent several months in the largest preserve in Sabah, Borneo studying the birds, insects and plants of that Malaysian state. Publications about Asian birds from our research along with colleagues in Asia have appeared in The Journal of Raptor Research, The Wilson Journal of Ornithology, Forktail, Ardea, BirdingAsia, and The Journal of the Yamashina Institute of Ornithology. However, though all of this foreign research may seem impressive, Deborah Allen and I are most proud of our work in NYC. Since 1992 we have been leading bird walks in Central Park (see ), and conducted many research endeavors as well. We have studied the night migration of birds from atop the Empire State Building – including the first study of night hunting Peregrine Falcons; we have studied American Kestrels nesting on buildings in Manhattan and the other boroughs of NYC; and we have written about the eight owl species that winter and breed in New York City parks, and the long-term changes in the flora of the Big Apple. Popular and scientific articles about our Asia and New York City research are free and available upon request.

Flight identification of Accipiters in Thailand
Khao Dinsor, Thailand – Migration
Jatayu: The vulture restaurants of Nepal
Migration of Steppe Eagle in Nepal

Banquet: January 27, 2018 @ 6 pm

Presenters and Guides

DEBORAH ALLEN Accomplished photographer and natural history writer, Deborah Allen has photographed more than 600 species of birds, including more than 350 species in North America. She has also traveled extensively, photographing birds in Costa Rica, Malaysia, Thailand, Israel, and Nepal.

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