2018 Photo Contest Winners

Grand Prize Winner: Jimmie Grutzmacher, “Long Billed Curlews”
This incredibly dynamic, well composed, beautifully lit shot was easily the winner for me based on the criteria listed below.  The movement of the curlews, the placement of the foot by the flying curlew on the back of the other curlew was timed perfectly. The framing (rule of thirds) with the birds framed on the edge of right third, while the birds face left gave the photo room to breathe. The early morning or late evening lighting was striking.  The bokeh in both the foreground and background helped pop the moving subjects.  The crispness despite the movement of the wings, and the fantastic color helped make this image striking. The level of difficulty to replicate such an image would be extreme.  Congratulations Jimmie.  You have won top honors!
First Place: Valoy Cook, “Pygmy Conviction”
Second Place: Chuck Hoekman, “Gambel’s Quail Pair”

Honorable Mentions

Valoy Cook, “The Gaze”

Diane Hoy, “Condor Shadows”

Alan Holben, “Cormorant Landing”

Tamara McMurdie, “Great Horned Owl”

Jake Hiller, “Bald Eagle Flying”

Karl HIller, “Female Lazuli”

Jennifer Stone, “Juniper Titmouse”

Rod Chlysta, “Male House Finch”

Addison Bennett, “Barn Owl”

The photos were judged under the following criteria:
1. Dynamics: Ease of subject, movement, etc.

2. Advanced Photography Skills: appropriate shutter speed, use of bokeh, etc.

3. Color, Lighting, Exposure and Focus

4. Framing and Composition
5. Uniqueness of Concept
6. Entertainment Quality
7. Overall Artistic Impression
8. Clarity and Quality of Submission
9. Audience Appeal